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My name is Peter, I hold the Amateur Radio callsign GØOMH while my daughter Mary holds the callsign M6AIZ. My interest in radio dates back to childhood in the late 1960's trying to listen for all those exotic place names that were written on the tuning dial on the Long Wave and Medium Wave bands of my father's 1950's valve (tube) domestic radio or wireless as it was often called in those days. Around 1973 a friend gave me a surplus WWII U.S. Army Signal Corps BC-348 receiver which really got me started in this wonderful hobby. Then around 1974 I got into pirate radio, building my own transmitters and playing music and chatting to other pirate stations on 227 meters (1320 Khz) and 182 meters (1640 Khz) on the Medium Wave band. I was busted in 1975 by the authorities, (not a pleasant experience) did this stop me? Of course not, I was back on the air in a few day's. I was young and not so wise... But this is another story which I wont go into anymore here.

After owning many receivers including a WWII British Wireless Set No 62 (transceiver) and years of shortwave listening it was not until 1985 that I decided to study for my Amateur Radio licence. So after around six months self study I sat and passed the examination in 1986 at the Merchant Navy College in Greenhithe Kent and was eventually issued with the callsign of G7AYU. In 1989 I was taught the art of CW by Norman G3ZCV who's QTH was in the same road only 100 yards (91 Meters) from me. We met on the 2m band a couple of times a week for several months. In 1990 I sat my Morse test and passed first time. So that's the story so far, HI... Hope you find something interesting on my website.



Interests in amateur radio


My main radio interests are CW, amateur radio satellites and short-wave listening. I also enjoy operating on the 60m band, building QRP transceivers, building and experimenting with very low frequency (VLF) receivers plus other electronic goodies. IF you are local to me I am quite prepared to accept skeds on request on any HF, VHF or UHF band, just leave me a message on my forum.



Other interests

I am very much into astronomy, radio astronomy and space flight and have a keen interest in aviation such as light aircraft and gliding. Plus building and flying radio control aircraft, meteorology, NOAA weather satellite decoding and ACARS.





This is my second amateur radio website that I've built, the last one was on-line for over five years. On the 19th of June 2017 I was diagnosed has having a rare and incurable lung disease. Around three weeks later after being told the news of my illness I suddenly had the bright idea and urge to build a new webpage, very strange! So here it is launched on the 14th of July 2017, it will be my last attempt at trying to make a good website. I want to say a very big thank you to all my regular visitors who have stuck with me over the years I hope you've enjoyed the ride, thank you so much. If you would like to contact me just click the link below.




73, Peter.


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