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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well? Sorry for the lack of posts but I have not been feeling that good, I'm back at my local hospital on Monday 19th of March to see my consultant so he'll have all the information he needs from Guy's hospital, so I should get a lot more info on my illness.

Other news, I'm now active on DMR with a nice new TYT MD-380 handheld I'm new to DMR and haven't read too much about the system but I've programmed the radio and it's up and running. So if you're active on DMR and fancy a chat give me a call Wink I monitor TS 1 All, or TS 2 All, and UKW 235 every day/evening (not sure if this is the correct place to listen? Big Grin but I'm listening.

Take care and I hope to post more on my DMR use in due time.

73 Peter
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