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My Setup
02-07-2014, 07:06 PM
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My Setup
I have been interested in receiving weather satellites and decoding them on and off for a number of years with reasonable success.

The setup I am using is as follows:

Homebrew turnstile or crossed dipole antenna + uniden UBC9000XLT receiver + WXtoImg or WxSat software + dell dimension 5000 desktop computer.

I manually tune my uniden UBC9000XLT Rx to the frequency of the satellite passing over my QTH. I can then receive and decode the passes of the following satellites:

NOAA 15 on 137.6200 MHz FM is ON:
NOAA 17 on 137.5000 MHz FM is OFF:
NOAA 18 on 137.9125 MHz FM is ON:
NOAA 19 on 137.1000 MHz FM is ON:

And the software decodes the transmission from the satellite and will produce some nice pictures.

The problem when using scanners as with my one above is that they often lack sufficient sensitivity to receive a clear, noise free signal. Another problem with scanners is that their receiver bandwidth is too narrow, as it is optimized for voice signals.

The NOAA weather satellites require a wider bandwidth receiver, though not as wide as that used for FM broadcast. The effect of receiving the satellite telemetry using a narrow band receiver is that the loudest bits of the signal, representing the brightest parts of the image, are clipped. So I'll be replacing the receiver with another Rx soon, I used to use my good old FT-767GX which had HF/VHF/UHF the VHF Rx seemed to work well with the NOAA satellites.

Picture 1: This picture was received from NOAA 19 on the 07-06-2014

Picture 2: NOAA 19. Direction of orbit was from South to North at around 14:03 on the 10-06-2014

(click on thumbnail picture to view full size)

Note: You must log in to view pictures full size.

73 Peter.

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